~Photographic Works~
(By Randy MacNeil, photographer)

Here is but a mere "taste" from some of Randy MacNeil's photographic works.
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Colin James - "Colin is still constant, steady and on track with his new CD, Twenty Five Live. Looking forward to seeing him live at the Dawg FM & Class Axe Guitar Calabogie Blues Festival 2013. Colin always has a kick ass band accompanying him."
Bharath Rajakumar @ Le Festival International du Blues de Tremblant 2012 - "If you haven't seen or heard this guy, do yourself a favor and check him out. Bharath is one of the greatest harp players I've seen and have had the privilege of hanging with. He truly embodies the spirit of blues when he delivers his repertoire."
Harry Manx @ CKCU's Ottawa Folk Fest 2001 - "Harry wows the crowds with his unique East Meets West sound to the Blues. After this Festival, I think I listened to Harry's CD a thousand times, and have become a big fan of his tasteful playing."
Ray Bonneville @ Ottawa Folk Festival - "In this shot, Ray is hosting a workshop at CKCU's Ottawa Folk Festival. A great guitarist, a great singer-songwriter with his own, unique sound, Ray has written beautiful songs inspired by the sounds of the Southern States."
Steve Marriner @ Raven Street Studio, Ottawa - "During the recording of Monkey Junk's Tiger In Your Tank, there was a special feeling. I sat back and listened. You could just sense that the boys had a hit record on their hands. It lead them to be signed by our premier Canadian label, Stoney Plain Records."
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - Blackie & the Rodeo Kings
Bob Walsh - "Bob is in the book as well. I think English Canada should give this guy a listen to. Bob is a great singer and band leader. This picture was shot at Le Festival International du Blues de Tremblant (Mont Tremblant, Qc). Playing during the same time slot on another stage was Pine Top Perkins who was celebrating his 95 th birthday but we chose to check out Bob. To Francine's and my surprise, we witnessed Bob play to a sold out crowd. It poured rain like cats and dogs, but nobody left or moved. When the show was over, and the crowd finally dispersed, the pavement where they stood was totally dry. The place was so packed that not a single drop of rain had touched the ground."
Charlie Musselwhite - "A legend, Dan Aykroyd refers to him in A Portrait of Blues in Canada as being a major influence on him, read more about this on pages 15-18 of the book as Dan explains."
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - "This is one musician that I am glad I got to meet and hang with. His rootsy approach to playing music put him in a category of his own... another American legend..."
David Wilcox - "Another Canadian icon that is in my book. When this man walks on a stage, you know people are going to be hypnotized by his music and catchy lyrics."
Donald Duck Dunn - "Sadly, Donald passed in this past year. I shot this picture during a show with Steve Cropper who were both instrumental in the making of the Blues Brothers movie."
Ray Charles @ Ottawa Blues Festival 2001 - In the early years, I volunteered as a stage hand, so during the process of bands coming and going, I would help a lot of them out by hauling gear around for them and meeting managers and so on. In Ray's case, one of his entourage brought me to the front of the stage by myself, and I got to shoot a few rolls of the great man and his orchestra.
Richard Bell - If I were to compare this man's talent and his career and the amount of respect he received in this business, I would have to say, he is Canada's version of Ray Charles, simply GENIUS ....

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